Jazz Web Designs offers comprehensive, competitively priced, professional quality web design and hosting services for both personal and organizational clients.

Jazz Web Designs Creates User-Friendly & Dynamic Sites

Jazz Web Designs ensures that the client’s site will load quickly, be sensitive to non-graphic users, and be functionally browser-independent.
Depending on Your Site’s Needs,
Your Site May Contain Any or All of the Following

  • Phone / Email / E-Chat Consultation
  •  Logo Or Other Mast Head Graphic 
  • Text (up to 300 words per page)
  • Email link
  • Hyperlinks (internal and external) 
  • Text Navigation Bar

Theme Development including:
Colored / Patterned Background
  Font  & Heading Styles, Colors, Sizes
  Bullet Styles, Colors, Sizes
  Buttons (Graphical Links)

Lists (Bullet, Numbered, Definition)
Message Board
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page
Image (average 2 per page)
Image Thumbnails
Online Catalog
Online Shopping Cart
Interactive Order Form (secure)
E-commerce (secure)
Mail List (Majordomo)
Video & sound (clips & streaming)
Animated gifs

Jazz Web Designs Website Design Packages

* Design Packages include one (1) year of monthly Basic Web Maintenance Package.
* Prices vary depending on content and are provided for estimation purposes.

SOLO TO QUARTET : 1 to 4 webpages –  averages about $50 per page
This package is ideal for those wishing to establish a web presence and for those on a limited budget.

ENSEMBLE : 5 to 10 webpages – averages about $45 per page
For companies and organizations, a Jazz Ensemble package can include the company or group’s profile, description of product / services, location and hours, contact information, even temporary pages about specials and upcoming events.

BAND ==> 11 to 20 webpages :  averages about $40 per page
The Jazz Band is a more advance package which provides the opportunity to share more information, with more detailed description of products / services / events, and to really begin to do business over the internet.

ORCHESTRA : over 20 webpages ==>  averages about $35 per page
For large companies and organizations, the Jazz Orchestra package provides a significant web presence for providing information and doing business over the internet.

Jazz Web Designs Standard Web Design Pricing Structure

HTML Programming : $45.00 per hour
Writing and editing HTML.  Billed in 15 minute increments regardless of the number of pages created, or the number of links or images within a page.  Includes style sheets, frames, forms, basic CGI and JavaScripting.

Advanced CGI, JavaScript, ASP, Database Programming : $60.00 per hour
Includes custom CGI and JavaScripting, internet interactivity, database creation and maintenance.

Graphic Design, Custom Animation and Image Manipulation : $40.00 per hour
Includes scanning, graphic creation and/or modification, photo retouching, filtering, and maximizing for presentation on the website.

Basic Maintenance Package : $20.00 per month OR prepaid $200.00 per year
Checking / Correcting / Maintaining website internal and external link integrity PLUS one (1) hour of website update programming (programming / creating NEW web pages not included). Return to Website Design Packages

Jazz Web Designs Search Engine and Directory Submission Services

“Build it and they will come” might have been true for the movie “Field of Dreams”, but it’s not necessarily true for websites. No matter how terrific your site is, unless people know about your site, the number of visitors who will find your site will be limited to those you tell about it.
Now that may be exactly what you want…Our client, Upsilon Omega Phi Fratority, wanted their website as a member site. They didn’t need to be Submitted to Search Engines or Directories….the members were given the URL.
But if you want your site to attract potential clients, customers, or members…and….since more than 85% of internet users us search engines and directories to find information, your site needs to be Submitted to Search Engines and Directories.  There are several ways to accomplish this:

Do-It-Yoursef Through A Commerical Mass Submission Service.
We recommend WebSite Garage’s !Register-It!. Their service can submit your site to 400 search engines, directories, and award sites. One word of caution, some search engines seem to have started ignoring or banning submissions of websites submitted by commercial mass submission services.   Still, we recommend !Register-It! is because we know people whose sites have been successfully listed through their service.

Jazz Web Designs Basic Submission Service
$100.00 per year (12 submissions per year)
Jazz Web Designs uses technologies different than the mass submission services.
Jazz Web Designs can submit your site to up to 500 search engines and directories.   Our service will submit upto 5 main sections of your site (places you want visitors to enter) and then resubmit your site once a month (or whenever your site is updated) to the appropriate search engines and directories.

Jazz Web Designs Premier Website Promotion Service

Still with thousands of websites being listed by search engines and directories….Submission may not be enough to get your website positioned where potential visitors will easily find it. Jazz Web Designs Premier Web Promotion Service will work to get and keep your site within the TOP 3 pages of search engine listings. $40.00 per month or prepaid $400 per year