3 Latest Web Design Trends You Must Tap into 2019

Within the web design industry, every year new trends emerge out. This is because the world of UX web design is ever-changing. Marketers in the frenzy of the digital-first world scour and go for a maddening search to capitalize on the latest trends on web design.

On the other hand, a section of businessmen also seek help from Canada web design companies to get hold of the ongoing changes. In short, people put their best foot forward to amplify their websites with the most functional elements to stay ahead of the curve.Canadian web design agency

Are you planning to accentuate your website for a seamless user experience? Well then, here comes quick guide delineating the current trends of Canada web design.

Note: Typography, distinct layouts and color are the primary elements that change with time and new technology. So, the following article is based on the trends with these 3 elements in 2019.

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  • Make Bold Sans-Serif the BFF

In 2019, majority of Canada web design companies are implementing this style to make a website appealing to its users. Experimentally, it has been proven that big and bold lettering draw instant attention of the visitors. For such psychological impact, the web designers are using bold sans-serifs extensively in the projects.

You may not favor this style for bold typography may go overboard when there’s a continuous scope of reading. The trick to dodge this overwhelming condition is to balance readability in the right proportion. Some of the useful hacks for an effortless implementation of thick sans-serifs are as follows:

  1. Look for a style that is mid-range weight at a first glance
  2. Avoid use of tall or condensed letters
  3. Implement round-shaped alphabets
  4. You may also go for a mix and match trial
  5. Avoid using capital letters unnecessarily

Being bold is always better. Be in life or in website design. Don’t fear of trying new things when it comes to the web design. Hire a professional web design company, rest is assured.

  • Split Screens Spree on Fleek

People who are acquainted with the basics of web design elements are aware of split screens. The concept is not new. And with the pace of time, it is getting better. The newest versions of split screens are way better in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The latest iterations of split screen designs are no more confined to perfectly symmetrical patterns. The designers are using quirky geometric styles to blend the human and machine learning experience par excellence. So, go for a brilliantly balanced split screen concept to game the trend.

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  • Roll Up with Red Texts & Accents

In fashion designing and web designing, red is the new black. This color unapologetically grabs attention of the visitors and compels them to stay more. Make it a point to keep the background in a stark contrast with red. You may opt for a series of shades, when it comes to this particular color. From vintage to classy, rusty to rosy, choose in your accord of taste to embellish your website in a subtle way.

If you are admiring these changes in 2019, look no further. Contact a professional Canada web design agency and implement the latest trends to top the business.